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Science-based Strength Training

Welcome to Eugene Oregon's Simply Strong - Strength training that can reverse aging

Maximum Results in Minimum Time...GUARANTEED!

• Reverse Aging

• Build Strength

• Increase Energy

• Look & Feel Younger

• See Improvement
   in Chronic Diseases


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It’s simple. No sweating or waiting in line. No huge time commitment.

SIMPLY STRONG is changing that whole mind set. Muscle is the key.

It’s the master switch to long-term health. Doctors have proven

that the single most important factor in staying younger and

healthier is to build strength.



• Tone muscles and lose body fat

• Regain energy, strength and balance

• Lower blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar

• Improve circulation, joints, bones and chronic disease

Best of all, anyone can do it! No matter what your

lifestyle, age or fitness level. And, you can see

results in just 15 minutes once or twice a week!


At SIMPLY STRONG you work one-on-one with a trainer, to assure best results and safety.

Katie Collins, manager at Simply Strong in Eugene, Oregon
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ED COLLINS, OWNER - holds a degree in Exercise Science and has

worked as a professional trainer and wellness & anti-aging

consultant for decades.

KATIE COLLINS, MANAGER- also holds a degree in Exercise Science and works with clients of all ages to help them develop better physical condition and live longer, happier lives.


SIMPLY STRONG operates by appointment only, and you get 100%

attention the entire time you work out.  It’s safe, scientifically proven,

and effective slow-motion strength training.  You’ll never be compared to anyone else. Our only goal is to fight the effects of aging and

help you become the best you can be!

Ed Collins, owner of simply strong in eugene, oregon

The SIMPLY STRONG program is based on the scientifically

proven findings of Dr. Doug McGuff , M.D. in “Body by Science”.

It utilizes slow-motion strength training. The workout triggers a

flood of HGH (human growth hormone) and myokines that

signal the body to build muscle, burn fat and up-regulate

all other organs and metabolic systems throughout the body.


As we age, we lose muscle. Muscle is the master key to the

entire body and long-term health. By strengthening muscle, overall

health improves, the body tones and reshapes, and the effects of aging

disappear. You work out just 15 minutes, once or twice a week--but you go deep

into fast-twitch muscle fibers, which are missed in most physical activities and exercise.

Then you allow the body up to one week to recover and strengthen before your next work out.


It’s a whole new perspective on exercise that delivers amazing results at any age!


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Safe, Effective & Time Efficient! Live Younger, Stronger and Healthier in Just 15-Minutes a Week!

Sound too good to be true? Then listen to what our clients say:

Shelli states that I am healthier and stronger than ever and now my husband is starting the program at simply strong

"I’m healthier and stronger than ever and now my husband is starting the program"

I am so grateful to SIMPLY STRONG for changing my life. I am consistently learning about my body, muscles,  hormones and how it all works. This started out as something I was going to do just to get my lower back healthy again and now it has become a way of life! Not only do I feel healthier and stronger than I have ever felt, but my husband has joined and I couldn’t be happier.

"SIMPLY STRONG gave me back my life"

I was 35 years old and my ability to play golf and coach soccer without pain in my back did not exist. SIMPLY STRONG has given me my life back and I now enjoy running, coaching and playing golf pain-free. I would recommend anyone young or old to try this and see how you can change the way you feel and enjoy life.

Shawn says that Simply Strong gave him his life back, age 41
Doris tells us that gyms failed to produce the results she desired while simply strong succeeded

"Gyms failed to produce the results I desired"

I am an 81-year-old female and have exercised in some form or another all my life. A few years back I broke my leg and had both hips replaced, which limited my ability to exercise as I once did. I tried working out in gyms but never felt it got me in the shape I desired. A friend of mine suggested I try SIMPLY STRONG which intrigued me, as I liked the idea of a “personal trainer” and the fact that the workouts were in only 15 minute segments. I have been working out at SIMPLY STRONG for over three months and I feel so much stronger and my balance seems so much more steady. I thoroughly enjoy my workouts now.

Diane feels tronger and has more stamina after strength training at Simply Strong

I have been working with Ed and SIMPLY STRONG since last Fall. It has been eye opening how little time it takes and how much better I feel physically and mentally.

"I feel like I did 15 years ago"

"I feel stronger and have more stamina"

"It’s eye opening how little time it takes"

I began training with the SIMPLY STRONG approach in December 2012. My weekly sessions since then have made me stronger and better able to do activities I enjoy. I now do whatever I want without aches, pains or concerns about injury. On the contrary, I feel confident and fit, much as I did 15 years ago.

I can say, without a doubt, that my training at SIMPLY STRONG is the very best workout I can do for my body, mind and soul. The time I spend (yes, just 15 minutes) is efficient and effective, and working with Ed or Katie leaves absolutely no room for error or guesswork. I already notice big differences in my body. I have more stamina, I feel stronger, my muscles are becoming more toned and I sleep better. In addition, I know I am reversing bone loss, my cholesterol is improving and I’m losing weight. Emotionally, my life is affected as well, as I just feel healthier and happier overall. Thank you so much SIMPLY STRONG!




Larry, age 68, finds it eye opening that such little time is required for a complete workout with Ed at Simply Strong
Dr Smith feels like he did 15 years ago because of Ed Collins his personal trainer at simply strong in eugene oregon



SIMPLY STRONG provides one-on-one personal training at our private fitness training studio in Eugene, Oregon, equipped with state-of-the-art exercise machines and equipment. Our expert personal trainers specialize in a unique slow-motion method of strength training which helps people achieve maximum fitness benefits with just one 15-minute training session per week. This special exercise method involves performing the lifting phase of each weightlifting repetition in approximately 10 seconds, and performing the lowering phase of each repetition in approximately 10 seconds. Once a person learns how to perform the movements effectively, enough resistance is used so that deep muscular fatigue is achieved within 1 to 2 minutes on each exercise.

Read more about SIMPLY STRONG here!


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